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To join you must be recommended by a member.
All members of Marina Port Vell are members of the marina and are entitled to use all its facilities in accordance with the following rules:


The name of the Club is Marina Port Vell Restaurant.

The object of the club is the provision of marine leisure facilities for the users of Marina Port Vell, their guests and friends.

3.1 The Club premises are situated in Moll Barceloneta, 1 – Barcelona 08039.
3.2 The members of the Club are under no financial liability by reason of their membership.
3.3 For the purposes of these Rules the “the Board” means the Board of Directors of the company and “Director” means a member of the Board of directors.

4.1 The Marina Port Vell Restaurant manager acts as the Secretary of the Club (“the Secretary”) and is responsible for the proper running of the club on a day to day basis as determined by the Board.
4.2 In these Rules the expression “The Secretary” includes any person appointed by the Board to perform any of the duties of the Secretary.

5.1 An Advisory Board may be appointed by the Company from time to time to support and promote the development of the club in the nautical world.
5.2 Membership of the Advisory Board is granted at the discretion of the company and may be terminated at any time

6.1 A Membership committee (“the committee”) may be appointed by the company to promote the interests of the Club.
6.2 Such Committee has authority, as prescribed by the Board, over matters relating to membership.
6.3 Membership of the Committee is granted at the discretion of the company and may be terminated at any time.

7.1 The Club shall consist of Full Members and Honorary Members. The owners of berths and the owners and captains of boats staying in the marina will automatically become members of the Club.
7.2 As users of the marina, all members of the Club will have access to all the facilities of Marina Port Vell.
7.3 Membership of the Club will be by application.
7.4 No employee or former employee of the Company shall be elected a member of the club without the consent of the Secretary.
7.5 The Company may from time to time add additional categories of membership or amend the conditions regulating each category of membership. Any such addition or amendment shall be posted in a prominent position in the club for at least 14 days prior to this implementation.
7.6 Each Member whatever his category shall in common with all other Members enjoy equal rights and privileges of the Club subject to the provisions of these Rules and as the Company may determine.

8.1 Election by the Membership Committee:
The Membership Committee may invite to become an Honorary Member any person who in the opinion of the Membership Committee:
a) has rendered exceptional service or benefit to the Club;
b) will render exceptional service or benefit to the Club
c) is a distinguished member of the nautical community or d) is a representative of an associated or affiliated club.
8.2 Election by the Company.
The Company shall have the power to elect any person it thinks proper (including a Full member) to be an Honorary Member.
8.3 An Honorary Member shall be entitled to full use of the Club premises and facilities subject to these Rules.
8.4 A Full Member offered Honorary membership shall on accepting such offer be deemed to have ceased to be a Full Member.
8.5 Honorary membership is granted for a period of 12 months. Upon the expiry of such period each Honorary member shall be elected annually unless the Company resolves not to re-elect such an Honorary Member.
8.6 Honorary membership is granted at the discretion of the company and may be terminated at any time.

9.1 The name and particulars of every candidate applying for a membership shall be completed on a form provided by the Secretary or on A candidate must supply such further information concerning himself and his candidature as the Secretary may request.
9.2 Every candidate for membership shall be supported by a proposer whom shall be a Member of the Club and whom if required by the Secretary shall send to the Secretary a letter in support stating how long he has known the candidate and giving relevant information in support of his belief that the candidate is qualified for membership by virtue of his connection with, or interest with the purpose of the Club.
9.3 The election of Members shall be by the Committee, who shall decide by secret ballot if necessary.
9.4 No reason shall be given to any candidate in the event of their non-election.
9.5 Upon approval by the Committee the Secretary shall notify the candidate that he has been elected a Member of the Club conditional upon him complying with these rules and supply him with a copy of these Rules and shall request him to deliver to the Secretary the following.

Every Member shall promptly inform the Secretary of any change of his address.

11.1 Members not staying at the marina must present their membership card and sign in the book provided at the front desk and must legibly mark the name/s of their guest/s.
11.2 Members must accompany guests introduced by them during the period of their stay in the club and be responsible for their conduct and must ensure guests abide by the Rules of the club. Guests must be signed in and the member must provide guest names in advance.
11.3 The Secretary may determine that on certain days members may not be admitted to certain areas of the club.
11.4 The Company may set a limit to the amount of guests that a Member may bring in at any given time.
11.5 The Company or Secretary may refuse admission to the club any person in its absolute discretion and without giving any reason.

12.1 A member may resign his membership at any time by letter or email delivered to the Secretary at the Club address.
12.2 The Company or Secretary may expel any member, guest or stranger for wilful breach of the club rules at any time.
12.3 The Company or Secretary may expel from the Club (or suspend from membership for a specific period) any member whose conduct, in the opinion of the Company or Secretary, might be injurious to the character or interests of the Club or render him unfit to associate with members of the club.
12.4 Before a member is expelled or suspended, the alleged offender’s conduct must be inquired into and the person involved must be given the opportunity to defend himself and to justify or explain his behaviour.
12.5 Having inquired into the events, if the company or Secretary is of the opinion that the member is guilty of such conduct as mentioned above and has failed to justify or explain it satisfactorily; it/he may either expel or suspend the offender at its/his discretion.
12.6 Nothing here shall prevent the Company or Secretary, from requesting a member to resignand if such a request is complied with within fourteen days, no resolution of expulsion shall be proposed.
12.7 A member expelled forfeits all the privileges of membership without any claim.
12.8 In all matters of Club discipline, the decision of the chairman of Marina Port Vell S.A.U. is final.

13.1 Members and their guests are required to be attired in a clean and tidy manner when in the Club.
13.2 No Member shall use the name or address or logo of the Club in any advertisement, prospectus or letter heading for business purposes save with the written approval of the Secretary.

14.1 Members introducing guests are wholly responsible for the conduct of such guests: members must ensure that their guests abide by the Rules, Bye-laws and Regulations of the Club.
14.2 A Member introducing guests will be responsible for ensuring full and prompt payment of all items consumed by his guests.
14.3 Guests may not remain in the Club once the sponsoring Member has left.

Property entrusted by a Member or his guest to a member of club staff for safe custody or for any other purpose, or left on the Club’s premises, shall be at the member’s own risk; and the Company or Club shall not be liable for any loss of, or damage to, such property or for any consequential loss or damage of any description.

16.1 All complaints shall be made in writing to the Secretary. Official complaint forms will be available at front desk.
16.2 A member shall not personally reprimand a member of Club staff.

The Company shall be empowered to negotiate arrangements with other clubs on such terms as it thinks fit to enable members of the Club to avail themselves of the facilities of any such club in return for such club making available its facilities to members of the Club.

18.1 All members of such clubs in respect of which reciprocal arrangements have been made pursuant to rule 17 above (“Reciprocal Members”) may use the club.
18.2 A Reciprocal member may use the club up to 28 days in any one calendar year, after which time they may only use the club at the discretion of the Secretary.
18.3 A Reciprocal Members shall be bound by the rules of the Club.
18.4 A Reciprocal Member may bring guests to the club upon the same terms as the Full Members.
18.5 Reciprocal Members must provide proof of their membership of the relative reciprocal club and they must sign in the book provided at the front desk.

These Rules may be revoked, supplemented or altered by the Company at any time provided that in the case of any revocation, supplementation or alteration of these Rules that:
a) Would enable it to terminate membership or to suspend members otherwise than in accordance with Rule 12.5.
b) Alters the objectives of the club, members would be given 14 days’ notice in writing.

Any dispute or difference which may arise as to the meaning or interpretation of these Rules or as to the powers of the officers must be determined by the Company, whose decision is final and binding on all members of the Club.

In the event of dissolution of the company or club, members shall not have any right to, or claim upon, any property of the Company or Club.

In these Rules:
a) The headings are for ease of reference only.
b) In these rules the masculine shall include the feminine and the singular the plural and vice versa except where the concept so requires.
c) If any rule shall fail in law then it shall not mean that any other rules shall fail unless so prescribed by the courts.
d) The rules shall operate under the jurisdiction of Spanish Courts.

The company may make By-laws for the regulation and management of the Club and may amend or revoke any By-laws so made, but no By-law shall be inconsistent with these Rules.

Every member shall be bound by these rules and any by-laws made under rule 23.
Marina Port Vell Restaurant membership is limited only to Marina Port Vell Barcelona, located in Marina Port Vell. We reserve the right not to renew their membership


a) Members and guests will be admitted to the Members’ areas of the Club during
normal hours of admission.
b) The company may determine that on certain days members may not be admitted to the Members’ areas of the club for the closure during holidays, for exclusive private hire use by another, or for any other reason appearing to the Company to justify temporary closure.
c) Time Schedule The Cocktail Bar
a. Breakfast: 08:00-10:30
b. Lunch & dinner: 13:00-01:00
d) Time Schedule Marina Port Vell Restaurant
a. Lunch: 13:00-16:00
b. Dinner: 20:30-23:00

a) All table reservations at the Marina Port Vell Restaurant must be made through Reception.
b) All bookings and cancellations for Club events, private parties and business events must be made through the office of the Secretary or Club House Manager.
c) Places for Club events will only be reserved or issued upon receipt of payment by credit card or on account if arrangements have been made to pay by direct debit. Refunds will only be made if cancellation is received by the office of the Secretary at least 48 hours before the event. Cancellations within 24hours of the reservation date may be subject to a cancellation fee as determined by the Company from time to time.

a) Members may introduce guests who have attained the age of 18 / 12 years (under guidance)
b) A member may entertain a maximum of 15 guests on any visit unless a private party or dining reservation has been confirmed in advance.
c) A guest entering the club must be accompanied by a member and may not remain in the club in the absence of the host member.
d) Each guest must be signed in by the host member.
e) The following may not be admitted as guests at any time:
1. Former members who have been expelled
2. Members who are under suspension

a) No person under the age of 18 will be supplied with wines or spirits by the club, except in accordance with current licensing laws.

The Club and the Company’s employees, when acting in the course of their employment shall not be liable.

A member may not deposit luggage for store at the Club unless specifically agreed in writing with the Secretary.

In consideration of our neighbours, members are required to leave the premises quietly at all times and to ensure the quite departure of their guest.

By ticking this box, you accept the rules of the club.